The Step-By-Step Process To Systematically
"Switch Off" Up To 95% Of Modern Disease

Posted on 27 Aug 2013 0 comments

But again we hit another roadblock, because the fact is…

Positive Thinking…
Supplements… And Even Meditation…
Do NOT Work By Themselves

This statement is liable to get the gurus and big-wigs chasing me with pitchforks, but I fully stand by the fact that things such as positive thinking, supplements, and yes, EVEN meditation……

DO NOT WORK… by themselves.

Let me explain.

The reason positive thinking, supplements and meditation don’t work is because, again, it’s not getting to the core of the problem. It’s like riding a bicycle uphill. You’ll make a little progress in the beginning, but after awhile you’ll be too tired… too exhausted to continue further as your results wane.

The moment you let up, you begin to slowly reverse course, peddling backward down the hill.

Within moments you’re barreling down the hill, backward, and wind up exactly where you started. Or even worse!

You see, there’s a power much stronger at play which is pushing against you harder than you can push against it. It’s pushing you back 2 steps for every 1 step you take forward.

Fix this problem and you can finally unlock the true power of positive thinking, supplements and meditation. You can begin manifesting amazing transformations in your life like renewed energy… vigor and unlimited happiness, joy and peace without effort.

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