The Step-By-Step Process To Systematically
"Switch Off" Up To 95% Of Modern Disease

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Your Life Is A Result Of The Choices You Make…
I Suggest You Choose Wisely

At this point, I’m asking you to make a decision. That decision is whether or not you want to transform your body from a cellular level and experience what it’s like to feel lighter, live with more energy on a daily basis and cleanse your body of negative energy once and for all.

Still, right now, you have two options.

The Easy Choice – The easy choice is simply to do nothing. To go back to living the life you’re currently living as you read this message. To allow your cells to be bombarded with negative, chaotic energy, eroding the life force within them, causing you to age rapidly while sucking away any sense of joy and health you should be feeling.

This, unfortunately, is the route most people will take out of fear or laziness. Hopefully you know by now that you are not most people.

The Right Choice – The right choice is investing a tiny amount of money in something that can revolutionize your health within days and last you the rest of your life. Better, this is risk-free. Either you feel a transformational shift in the way you feel on a daily basis, or I’ll give you your money back. You’re either 100% ecstatic about your new-found health or you don’t pay a dime.

The choice is yours, of course.

I can’t, and don’t want to, force you to make any kind of decision. You don’t need the extra internal stress! But I want you to know that I have absolutely 100% confident that this system WILL help you achieve more health, peace, happiness and joy in your life. You have my personal guarantee that it will work for you, or you won’t pay a dime.

In any case, I want to extend my hand and thank you for taking the time to read this letter. I hope it has changed your life and I look forward to helping you transform your body from the inside out with The Master Key course.



Dr. Alex Loyd, Ph.d, N.D.
Author, The Healing Codes and creator of The Master Key

P.S. You have nothing to lose today. If money is tight, I’ve added an option to pay for The Master Key system over a 3-month period, bringing your payments to about $1.50 per day. Is $1.50 per day worth renewed health, invigorated energy and effortless joy and peace to you?

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